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BCAA Gummies

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  • A GUMMY THAT HELPS YOU PERFORM BETTER AND FULLY RECOVER: With BCAA’s, your muscle recovery and build are supported before and after your exercise session. Our gummies have a delicious citrus flavor that's easy to take.
  • BCAAS ARE AN ESSENTIAL FOR MUSCLE BUILDING AND RECOVERY. BCAA stands for branched chain amino acid which are essential proteins that you can only get from diet. Take your workouts to the next level and experience best-in-class recovery. Make sure you protect that muscle you work so hard for.


  • A DELICIOUS GUMMY FROM UPGO THAT HELPS YOU BUILD. What if with that delicious and fun taste you were also working on recovering and building your muscles? At UpGo, we think delicious gummies should also help you ascend. Take your fruit snack game to the next level and push longer during those training sessions.


  • A MONTH SUPPLY OF BCAA SUPPLEMENTS IN A SINGLE BOTTLE. Each bottle of UpGo BCAAs comes with 60 gummy fruit snack. A serving size is just one of our delicious BCAA gummies, giving 30-days of muscle recovery and build packed into one small bottle! No more lame powders, just throw a bottle in your gym bag, or in your pantry, and get used to craving your BCAAs for once.


  • UPGO MEANS TO ASCEND. Our team of young entrepreneurs is proudly based in Phoenix, Arizona where we met playing Pop Warner football. Those same kids went on to be US Olympians, pro football players and collegiate athletes. Similar to how we seek to ascend in our own lives, our company UpGo Supplements works to help people across the health spectrum ascend in their daily lives. Get up and UpGo.

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