BALANCE – How Devon Allen balances running a company, being an Olympia

BALANCE – How Devon Allen balances running a company, being an Olympian Track Athlete, and playing in the NFL?


To end our UpGo workday, we always hop on a quick End of Day call or zoom meeting to discuss goals we hit for the day and tasks required for the following day. These meetings aren’t mandatory, but our entire team is typically always present. Including our Co-Founder, Devon Allen.


On top of being the Co-Founder of UpGo, Devon is also a 2x Olympian and World Champion in the 110 Hurdles for track. In addition to this, Dev recently inked a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles to play WR. As Co-Founder of UpGo, Dev remains very hands on with the business. Recently, the UpGo team launched 6 new products. As you can imagine, developing a single new product requires hours of Research & Development, sourcing quality ingredients, creating product/packaging designs, manufacturing the products, and distributing the products…. x6 different times for 6 different products. Despite the workload and his busy schedule, Devon still is in every meeting (schedule permitting) and helping with any tasks to ensure we continue to grow in the right direction.


With Devon being as busy as he is, in our last meeting we didn’t even discuss the usual operational topics. Instead, we asked Devon: How do you balance it all?


The team’s discussion lasted an hour, so we put the big takeaways in bullet points for you guys:


  • Get Into a Routine

Dev talked about the importance of having a routine. A routine allows him to better structure his day and stay organized in order to not only accomplish his professional goals, but also allocate time to spend with his close friends and family. By sticking to a routine, he believes that he is able to mitigate his overall stress levels and improve his focus because he has an idea of what his day will look like.




  • Be Where Your Feet Are

The headline explains itself. Dev talked about just being present in the task that you are doing. This allows him to truly relax when he isn’t playing sports and not even think about sports when he isn’t playing them. Our minds are constantly engaging and firing at all cylinders between work, social media, expenses, relationships, etc. Life becomes easier to balance when you are focused on whatever you are doing, no matter how small or grand the task is. If you are running a race, your mind is focused on only the race. If you are in a conversation, you are engaged only in the conversation. By “being where your feet are” you can take a step back from all the multiple stressors or distractions of life and truly enjoy exactly what you are doing.





  • Try To Accomplish Something New Each Day

This one was unique. It’s a similar concept to being 1% better each day, but taking it up a notch. By attempting to accomplish something new each day, it is very difficult to fall into monotony. Each day Devon sets a goal for training, business, relationships etc. he is always working to learn, understand, and level up in different areas in life. This has allowed Devon to balance everything he is involved with because he is genuinely excited at becoming well versed in not only athletics, but in business development, crypto, music production, different languages, and even video games.





It is inevitable that when you do a hard work out, your body will likely feel sore the next day. Devon spoke about the importance of getting lots of sleep, eating well and taking supplements. By getting an adequate amount of sleep you are allowing your mind and brain to recover drastically over night. Waking up with a fresh mind allows you to focus more during the day and improves your mood throughout the day. By eating whole foods he is able to move toward power, strength and body composition goals through diet. His healthy diet also allows him to have a steady flow of energy for training and throughout the rest of the day, which is turn allows him to give full effort during those session. By taking the right supplements (Shoutout UpGo), you are helping your body reach new peaks of performance and ensuring that nutrients in your body are being replenished in order to grow and recover. We personally recommend our BCAA gummies and protein. Essentially, when your mind & body feel good in unisons, your life becomes easier to manage and balance because you are regulating your stress, soreness, and even endorphins!



The UpGo goal is to help folks “Ascend in Your Daily Life” and we truly hope some of the takeaways here will help you do exactly that!


 - UpGo Team



Ascend in Your Daily Life.

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