What Is UpGo?

What Is UpGo?

What is UpGo?
UpGo is a supplement company that two of my friends Bart, Tre and I started when we thought about helping people during this pandemic and helping people live healthy lifestyles. Overall, it's a supplement company that helps people live healthy lifestyles and ascend in their daily lives.

Why Supplements? Why Gummies?
Supplements because as an elite athlete, an Olympian I make sure what I put in my body is high value and high nutrition. Finding supplements sometimes is really hard. We wanted to create our own, so we know we are putting the highest quality ingredients in our bodies. The Gummies because it really is something easy to take every day. It's something that tastes good. Everybody likes gummy worms, gummy bears, so we made a gummy supplement so you would want to take it every day.

Why Start a Company now?
Well Bart, Tre and I during the pandemic wanted to help people look after their overall health and wellness. One of those things is exercise and one of those things in what you put in your body diet wise: nutrition and supplements especially. We decided to go with supplements because that is something I’m really passionate about, something I use every day, something I’m knowledgeable about and I think we decided to go the route of gummies because people like to take them. Overall, we just wanted to help people ascend in their daily life and that is why we created the brand UpGo.

Who is UpGo for?
UpGo is for your everyday person. Your mom, your dad(my parents take them too), athletes. We want to become a company that is ingrained in your daily routine. Supplements, BCAA’s, ACV and Elderberry gummies and eventually pre workout, protein powders, multivitamins, collagen etc. We're gonna have products for everyone eventually.

What’s in the Future?
We are working on a few products for UpGo in the future. We have a couple more products in development. We are looking to go towards a more sport specific line. Something that will be certified for sports. For elite athletes that get drug tested via WADA and USADA. Can feel 100% confidence that there are no contaminants; everything that is in the supplement is listed and is exactly what is on the label. Protein powders, pre workouts and recovery supplements look good for 2022.

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