Protect Yourself This Flu Season

Protect Yourself This Flu Season


It's that time of year again…

The weather is changing, and the holidays are fast approaching. With winter right around the corner (or having already arrived in your respective location) it’s important to get out in front of the dreaded cold and flu season. While we are able to control some of the variables by dressing warm, eating healthy, drinking enough water and getting plenty of sleep... Let's be honest, most of us could use a little help. Being mindful of your health and wellness is a great start, but following through and putting in the work can sometimes be challenging. However, the good news is that UpGo has your back! Our newest products, Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies & Elderberry Gummies will help boost your overall efforts in staying healthy during this difficult time of the year. 

Apple Cider Vinegar has many health benefits, yet has always been a tough habit to swallow, literally. This is why we created ACV Gummies. UpGo provides all the Apple Cider Vinegar benefits, without having to stand over the sink “just in case”. ACV has a handful of antibacterial properties that will help ward off the bacteria that leads to colds and other seasonal illnesses. ACV helps keep your blood sugar where it’s supposed to be, and can help you maintain a healthy body weight when you step on the scale or look in the mirror. I think it’s safe to say that we might all be hovering around the kitchen table this holiday season… And that’s okay! Because UpGo will help balance things out. 

Similarly, Elderberry has been used as a natural therapy to fight the cold & flu for many years now, and we have taken all those natural antioxidants and combined them into a delicious gummy supplement. Elderberry is known to help boost your immune system, which is especially important during these crazy times with Covid-19 still very much relevant across the country & world. Our Elderberry gummies also include Zinc and Vitamin C, which will help keep your immune system functioning at a high level.

Along with a balanced diet, plenty of sleep, and wearing the appropriate clothing while social distancing outside, we’ve designed UpGo supplementation of ACV & Elderberry gummies to keep you and your loved ones healthy & safe this holiday season. 

Elderberry Benefits

  • Boost immune system 
  • Reduce cold and flu symptoms 
  • Tame inflammation 
  • Heart health
  • Joint and muscle pain 
  • Stress Management 

Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits 

  • Weight Management & Weight Loss
  • Heart, Hair, and Skin Health
  • Curbs Cravings
  • Lowers Cholesterol
  • Improved Digestion
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Enhances & Provides Healthy Probiotics
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